Coaching for innovationMoms

You have dived into the process of "re-designing" parts of yourself and/or your life (you are brave, congratulations!) and want to look at some obstacles or challenges more closely? You want to do this under the guidance of a professional coach? I look forward to meeting you!

In the process of finding and sharing our own jewels inside all the difficult stuff - that keep us back from sharing them - most often also comes up. You´ve probably also experienced before: the only way forward is through. I am here to support you.

Call me: 030 82078248 or email me:

Online Coaching Packages

15 min phone call (free) to get to know each other and see if the chemistry is right


"Get clarity"- Single: 120€ (plus 19% tax)


"Innovative Mom Wanting Impact" - 5 Coachings: 450€ (plus 19% tax)


"Innovative Mom Deep Dive" - 10 Coachings: 800€ (plus 19% tax)