Blessed and depressed - First AID if you think you might suffer from depression

Do you sometimes feel blessed, but depressed?

Depression is said to occur when the following occurs for longer than 2 weeks:

  • Persistent sadness
  • Lack of energy
  • Lack of interest and pleasure in things you used to enjoy
  • Difficulty concentrating, remembering and making decisions
  • Altered sleeping and eating patterns (very much or very little)
  • Limited ability to react to changes



I have suffered from depression the last twenty years. I tried almost every method, studied the subject extensively and can show you what has helped me. Above all, I can meet you where you are. Every person and every depression is different, of course, and you may need more extensive help - with me you will find initial help and support for further steps if you wish.




One in six women and one in thirteen man suffer from depression in the course of his life (source: RKI). Estimates even suggest that it is more likely one in three women and one in six men (source: Yale University). People simply don't like to talk about the subject - that makes statistics difficult.

I have talked to doctors who have been researching the subject (also holistically) for decades and have seen hundreds of people with the same symptoms: they do not know where depression comes from, how much is "body", e.g. genes, and how much is "psyche". To say that the complaints can be cured by virtue of the mind alone, or conversely only with drugs and exercise in the fresh air, is reductionist or ideological.

Very good information and recommendations can be found here:




Sometimes there seems to be no straw to hold on to and climb out of the hole. Then the only thing that helps is to accept the condition for the time being. But at some point the moment comes: the first step out. You may have managed to have a short conversation again that didn't feel exhausting, or you take on a small task, like cleaning two windows, and you manage it! You suddenly find something that brings you joy, like a holiday you look forward to, and feel the joy triple - because you are so pleased that you are happy! Or perhaps you even manage to open your heart ("courage" comes from "cor": heart) and tell a friend or colleague that you suffer from depression. That is not easy. There is still a stigma. It often enough sounds like "self-made".




According to British studies, the gap between how an outsider evaluates the illness and how a depressed person experiences his or her reality, is the greatest with depression. No wonder, people who are severely depressed lose their ability to "cope". Unlike, say, people suffering from rheumatism or migraine (without wanting to discredit their suffering), people suffering from depression usually feel they have to go through a thick wall of shame and social prejudice before talking openly about their suffering. When often it could only be different ways in which the body expresses itself. 




In addition to my personal experience with depression and my knowledge as an integrative coach and trainer for stress management and burnout prevention, I incorporate the following into our sessions*:


  • Check- In: what works today and what doesn't? We look for the power of small steps
  • Mood management - yoga and relaxation exercises developed especially for people affected by depression 
  • Breathing exercises and meditations to find a way out of physical rigidity and stimulate the Vagus Nerv (check out the "polyvagal theory" for more info backing up this strategy)
  • Focussing (according to Eugene Gendlin): letting the body "speak". You have your eyes closed and concentrate on your physical sensations while I guide you with words.
  • MSC- Mindful self-compassion according to Kristin Neff and Chris Germer
  • Shame resilience/defusion: depression is an experience, not a judgement. Practicing this distinction over and over again, thus defusing inner messages, purifies our self-esteem and open us for:
  • Finding strengths and resources and building them up sustainably (Positive Psychology offers helpful tools here).

If you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to call me for a non-binding preliminary talk or write to me



 3 sessions 60 min each: 320€ plus VAT.


* I believe that each of us is the greatest expert for our inner healing processes. That's why I design my sessions together with you co-creatively: I suggest, for example, a method that I find helpful at the moment. Then I guide you through a process and we reflect together. 

10-Week online Course for people suffering from depression